Beat the budget with seafood!

Mon 1st January 2018
Budget Pic

Here comes January! It brings a new start and also a slightly battered bank balance. We all have the best of intentions at the beginning of the year: we want to get fit, we want to eat healthier, and we want to save more. Well, we can help you with at least two of these resolutions - eating healthier and on a budget too (you may be able to put a little more away each week/month). Plus, eating seafood at least twice a week can give you some fab health benefits!


Our seafood pasta is such a great dish. Not only can you pick up a bag of seafood mix in the freezer aisle, it also means that you are getting your two a week by having a combination of seafood. 


These tasty crab melts are sooooo delicious that they are difficult to resist. They take barely any time to make and the crab meat will fill you right up (did you know that you can get tinned crab?) You can also change this recipe up and have different types of bread too.


Another mouth-watering and budget-beating recipe is our baked potato with creamy mackerel. You can also get mackerel in a tin, if things are particularly tight this January. Did you know that mackerel is number one in the omega-3 countdown? Omega-3 plays a part in keeping our heart working normally. It helps to maintain normal blood pressure and benefit new born babies. So, great for all the family! 

Tuna Pea Couscous

Our tantalising tuna and pea lemon couscous sounds posh but is so simple and won’t break the bank either. Plus couscous isn’t as expensive as you think and the combination of this and the tuna will keep you fuller for longer.

Let us know what seafood specials you use when things are a bit tight this month by tweeting us at @fishisthedish.

Happy New Year

Dawn x