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Bring on the Bank Holiday Weekend!

Fri 26th May 2017

The bank holiday is just around the corner and we can’t wait for our second three day weekend this month!
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I feel the need, the need for speed…..

Sat 13th May 2017

Now, Top Gun is one of my all-time favourite movies, the storyline, Tom Cruise, the motorbike, Charlie’s car and of course the plane stunts! Plus the soundtrack, I think I must know everything single tune on it!
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May the Fourth Be With You!

Thu 4th May 2017

This is the cry you will hear throughout the day. We are celebrating #StarWarsDay in style with these Jedi mind- powered recipes!
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World Tuna Day 2017

Tue 2nd May 2017

Tying in with World Tuna Day (2 May) we are declaring tuna as our seafood of the month!
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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's National Superhero Day!

Thu 27th April 2017

National Superhero Day has got to be one of the best days in the calendar! You can dress up as your favourite superhero, use their catchphrases, or even save people! Ok, we may have got carried away on the last point but you know where we are coming from.
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National Lookalike Day

Wed 19th April 2017

It’s National Lookalike Day (20th April) and we would like you to join in! Originally it was created as a fun day to look like another person but we wanted to take a slightly different slant on that by asking you what seafood dishes have you created that have not quite come out the way that you expected them too?
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