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    Let us wish you a Merry Fishmas!

    2nd Dec 2016
    It’s finally here!  This is the time of the year when you either dread or look forward to.  As you can probably guess, I love Christmas.  I love the decorations, the pressie buying, writing cards, all the nights out and especially the food!
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    Support your Small Seafood Businesses

    2nd Dec 2016
    Small Business Saturday takes place on Saturday 3 December this year and we are all for getting behind your local small seafood businesses!
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    Plaice to Plaice

    1st Dec 2016
    My excitement is nearly overwhelming me this month, a new Seafood of the Month and Christmas!!! I can barely contain myself!!
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    Two a week seafood dishes can be done!

    30th Nov 2016
    According to the new chair of the Royal College of GPs, Dr Helen Stokes-Lampard, five a day fruit and vegetable advice may not be realistic, two a week might be more achievable.
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    Celebrate St Andrew's Day with seafood

    29th Nov 2016
    On Wednesday 30th November St Andrew’s Day will be celebrated by Scots around the world
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    Keep your mind healthy with seafood!

    18th Nov 2016
    Let the magic in seafood help you fend off diseases and help you live a long and healthy life.
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    Stews and soups to warm your soul

    11th Nov 2016
    Right, that’s it, no matter how I try and fight it and tell people that November is autumn, not winter, this morning brought it home to me that it is actually winter out there.  Having to de-ice the car and seeing that the temperature gauge was at -2, there was no arguing!
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    Over-65s to eat hot seafood meals!

    8th Nov 2016
    It was announced by the BBC that the over-65s were advised to eat hot meals to cope with winter, something that we at FitD Towers whole heartily agree with, especially if they have seafood in them.
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    It's Squid-licious!

    1st Nov 2016
    Ahhhh, here it comes November, with the cold, blustery winds, the change in temperature, the smell of bonfires and the sounds of fireworks, popping and sparking. 
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    Horrifically Halloween!

    19th Oct 2016
    We can’t quite believe it’s that time already, no, not Christmas, Halloween!! And we are so excited about it!
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