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    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's National Superhero Day!

    27th Apr 2017
    National Superhero Day has got to be one of the best days in the calendar! You can dress up as your favourite superhero, use their catchphrases, or even save people! Ok, we may have got carried away on the last point but you know where we are coming from.
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    National Lookalike Day

    19th Apr 2017
    It’s National Lookalike Day (20th April) and we would like you to join in! Originally it was created as a fun day to look like another person but we wanted to take a slightly different slant on that by asking you what seafood dishes have you created that have not quite come out the way that you expected them too?
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    Trawling the seabed for Britain’s got talent!

    13th Apr 2017
    It’s the time of year again where our TV’s are filled with hopeful people showing off their talents. Whether you love it or hate it, it’s hard to ignore Britain’s Got Talent!
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    St George's Day

    12th Apr 2017
    St George’s Day falls on Sunday 23rd April.  Did you know he wasn’t English and there is a high possibility that he had never even been to England.  
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    Celebrating the Queen's birthday

    12th Apr 2017
    Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth! Today is the Queen’s proper birthday (21 April), the day she was born on - not her “official” birthday which is the 12th June.
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    Egg-citing Easter!

    10th Apr 2017
    My favourite time of year has nearly arrived - Easter! The days are longer, the daffodils are out, the lambs are-a-leaping and, of course, there are always Easter eggs to enjoy.
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    World Health Day 2017

    3rd Apr 2017
    Seafood may be able to help your mental health as it contains several different B vitamins that contribute to normal psychological functions as well as keeping us healthy in other ways. 
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    Just for the halibut!

    1st Apr 2017
    We know that you’ve been on the edge of your seats waiting for April’s seafood of the month and finally it’s arrived – its halibut!!
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    Find out how seafood can benefit your children

    30th Mar 2017
    There are a lot of fishy facts kicking about in the media these days and recently, I was reading this article on BBC News stating “Fish oil does not benefit baby intelligence, study finds”. 
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    Mother’s Day: Marine style

    22nd Mar 2017
    This coming Sunday the UK celebrates Mother’s Day, a day where we tell our mums and other important women in our lives exactly how much they mean to us!
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