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    Majestic Mardi Gras!

    9th Feb 2016
    Last year I had a chance to visit New Orleans during the world famous Mardi Gras carnival and it certainly didn’t disappoint!
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    Super tasty seafood pancakes!

    9th Feb 2016
    Pancake Day has arrived!  That means that spring isn’t too far away, the turn in the weather, the lighter nights, the fresh smell of daffodils and crocus’.  Can you tell I can’t wait?! 
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    Bring in the Chinese New Year with seafood!

    8th Feb 2016
    Food has played a very important role in Chinese culture for thousands of years, and this 15-day long festival celebrates seafood in many different ways!
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    The power of pollack and pollock!

    1st Feb 2016
    So, we’ve managed to survive January and we’re now steaming ahead towards Spring. It’s one of my favourite times of year - when you can practically smell the change of seasons! And the change of month brings a new species of the month – pollock/pollack.  And this time we've gone for two versions – one from Alaskan waters and one from Atlantic waters!
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    Five fish recipes to ‘shake up your wake up’ for Breakfast Week!

    25th Jan 2016
    Celebrate Breakfast Week with our seafood suggestions - perfect for morning meals.
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    Fish fans - we want to hear from you!

    8th Jan 2016
    Are you and your family fish fans? Tell us your story!
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    Thrifty and Frugal Fish Tips for January

    3rd Jan 2016
    We all know the feeling - payday seems miles away and your bank account is starting to look as bare as the xmas trees lying out on the pavements! January can be a tight month financially and this means it's the perfect time for our top tips to be frugal with fish.
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    Magnificent mussels

    5th Jan 2016
    January has arrived. It’s dark, it’s cold, Christmas is over, and so are the New Year celebrations. We are feeling like we’ve overdone it with food and our bank account is looking a little bit depleted. Well my fellow Fish is the Dishers, I am here to perk you up with why you should let marvellous mussels into your life!
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    Brainy ideas to get kids eating more fish

    2nd Jan 2016
    Uniform(s) ready, pencils sharpened, alarms set and bags packed - it seems like just yesterday that the kids were breaking up for the winter holidays. At the start of a new year and with all Christmas chaos a distant memory, it's actually comforting to knuckle down and get back into our normal routines. Structure = sanity!
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    Festive Fish Spirit - The Fishermen's Mission

    14th Dec 2015
    At this time of year, many of us want to donate or volunteer more for good causes. Heather always says sharing is caring, so this blog tells you about a really worthwhile charity that doesn't get a lot of limelight.
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