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Fish Supper Friday

Thu 12th October 2017

We Brits are known for our love of fish and chips, with so many variations of fish available to have nowdays, we don’t have to stick to just cod or haddock!

With this in mind we thought we would give you some variations on fish and chip Friday, just to shake things up!

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Romantic Meal770X600

Something special

Wed 11th October 2017

Are you in the doghouse, having done something to upset your better half and you’re trying desperately to get out of it and make them something special? We can help! 

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Family Midweek

Top 5 midweek dinners

Tue 10th October 2017

Happy hump day! You’ve finally made it to Wednesday, the only issue is that you can’t think of what to have for dinner tonight! You’ve got 101 things going around in your head and don’t know where to start with your evening meal.

We have a selection of dinners that are so easy to prepare that you will be glad you’ve not called the local takeaway.

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Top 5 Fakeaways

Mon 9th October 2017

We know how easy it can be to just tap that app and order your favourite takeaway online but how about we show you how easy it can be to create your own fakeaways? It may cost you less and also be better for you!

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Everyday lunches

Fri 6th October 2017

We know it’s hard to decide what to have for lunch every day. That’s why we are here to help! Not only do we have a 28-day plan for you to get in your two seafood dishes a week, we also have our top three suggestions of what to have during the week. 

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Weekend brunches

Fri 6th October 2017

Having family or friends round this weekend for brunch but have no idea what to make? We’ve got some suggestions that will help you out.

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