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    Valentine’s Day: 10 romantic seafood recipes – each guaranteed to impress your date

    13th Feb 2017
    Warning: some of these recipes may act as an aphrodisiac!
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    Happy National Pizza Day!

    9th Feb 2017
    Today is National Pizza Day! Can you imagine my excitement? a whole day dedicated to the celebration of pizza!
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    Can seafood make you happy?

    8th Feb 2017
    After reading a BBC 3 article on “Can changing your diet make you happier?” it got me thinking.  Is it true that eating certain foods can cheer you up?
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    Oysters, oysters, oysters!

    2nd Feb 2017
    Brilliant news! January is over and February has now begun! Everyone has finally been paid, the Six Nations is just about to start, Valentine’s Day takes place, as well as Single Awareness Day (15 February) and spring is nearly in sight.
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    Celebrate Chinese New Year with seafood!

    24th Jan 2017
    Chinese New Year: 2017 may be the year of the rooster, but you can also make it a special year for seafood!
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    Bring on Burns Night!

    23rd Jan 2017
    Burns Night falls on Wednesday 25th January and instead of having the traditional haggis, we thought that we would have a seafood twist on the meal.
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    New Year's Resolution

    9th Jan 2017
    With Christmas and New Year over, it’s time to focus on the year ahead and what a great way to start by supporting a charity!
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    Majestic Mackerel

    6th Jan 2017
    Happy New Year to you all!  We hope you had a lovely time off, if indeed you did have time off, and if you didn’t we hope that you had a fabby, festive time.
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    Happy Hanukkah - The Festival of Lights

    24th Dec 2016
    Heather finds out more about Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights
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    Helping you to save the pennies this New Year

    20th Dec 2016
    Christmas is over, but it’s still dark and cold outside, we’ve spent all our money, summer is far away  and we are all doing our best impressions of Kevin and Perry. Well, you know what we are like at FitD Towers, we always look on the bright side of life and we’re here to help you beat the winter blues!
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