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    Horrifically Halloween!

    19th Oct 2016
    Can’t quite believe it’s that time already, no, not Christmas but Halloween!! And we are so excited about it!  It’s time to choose an outfit that no one else would have chosen, make sure that all treats are bought in and wait for those trick or treaters to turn up at your door, or if you’re doing it a couple of days earlier, having your party on the 29th! 
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    Fall back in love with fish this Seafood Week!

    3rd Oct 2016
    Celebrity chef Mark Greenaway reveals why he's backing Seafood Week - and how his restaurant is planning to celebrate.
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    Celebrate the RNLI's Fish Supper campaign with these delicious recipes

    28th Sep 2016 | Kieran Westbrook | 0 comments
    The Royal National Lifeboat Institution’s Fish Supper campaign launches during Seafood Week – and we’re right behind it!
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    Cook up a tasty fish supper - and help save lives!

    12th Sep 2016
    RNLI’s Fish Supper campaign means that you can support their worthwhile cause by eating fish – and it kicks off during Seafood Week!
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    Superfishoil Seafood for Student Survival

    24th Aug 2016
    The exams results were celebrated, the course confirmed and now it’s time for you, along with thousands of others like you, to prepare to say goodbye to your friends and family as you head off to college or university. Here's our top tips to get seafood into your diet.
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    Seafood – is the Super-Fish-Oil for You!

    1st Aug 2016
    As you all know very, very well, we love seafood at FitD Towers and it’s not just because it tastes sooooo good. Did you know that fish and other seafoods are rich in omega-3? 
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    Prawn Perfection!

    1st Aug 2016
    What a glorious start to August, it’s warm, sunny and not at all wet (so far)!  Thank goodness!  We all know what also happens at the start of August, yes, that’s right, we have a new species of the month and this month it is Prawns!  
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    Mark Greenaway - secrets to success with seafood

    27th Jul 2016
    As part of our Superfishoil summer seafood health campaign, Scottish chef Mark Greenaway reveals his biggest secrets to preparing seafood for his customers - and tells us why fish is the dish!
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    What's on in July - Summer seafood festivals

    12th Jul 2016
    Freshly caught seafood is such a treat, and what better way to celebrate all the tasty produce that the UK coastlines have to offer than at one of its many seafood festivals?!
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    Would you like fries with that?

    11th Jul 2016
    Here at FitD we love to embrace ‘national’ days – it usually gives us another chance (ahem… excuse) to eat our way through the day! Wednesday 13th July is the next date in our diary – it’s National French Fries Day.
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