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    New Year's Resolution

    9th Jan 2017
    With Christmas and New Year over, it’s time to focus on the year ahead and what a great way to start by supporting a charity!
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    Majestic Mackerel

    6th Jan 2017
    Happy New Year to you all!  We hope you had a lovely time off, if indeed you did have time off, and if you didn’t we hope that you had a fabby, festive time.
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    Happy Hanukkah - The Festival of Lights

    24th Dec 2016
    Heather finds out more about Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights
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    Helping you to save the pennies this New Year

    20th Dec 2016
    Christmas is over, but it’s still dark and cold outside, we’ve spent all our money, summer is far away  and we are all doing our best impressions of Kevin and Perry. Well, you know what we are like at FitD Towers, we always look on the bright side of life and we’re here to help you beat the winter blues!
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    Seafood is the superfood for your children!

    19th Dec 2016
    The Committee on Advertising Practice has said that online ads aimed at children for food and drinks high in fat, salt or sugar are to be banned under new rules.
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    Can you support a foodbank this Christmas? – donate tinned fish

    13th Dec 2016
    We’re on a mission to fill foodbanks across the country with seafood this Christmas.
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    Let us wish you a Merry Fishmas!

    2nd Dec 2016
    It’s finally here!  This is the time of the year when you either dread or look forward to.  As you can probably guess, I love Christmas.  I love the decorations, the pressie buying, writing cards, all the nights out and especially the food!
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    Support your Small Seafood Businesses

    2nd Dec 2016
    Small Business Saturday takes place on Saturday 3 December this year and we are all for getting behind your local small seafood businesses!
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    Plaice to Plaice

    1st Dec 2016
    My excitement is nearly overwhelming me this month, a new Seafood of the Month and Christmas!!! I can barely contain myself!!
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    Two a week seafood dishes can be done!

    30th Nov 2016
    According to the new chair of the Royal College of GPs, Dr Helen Stokes-Lampard, five a day fruit and vegetable advice may not be realistic, two a week might be more achievable.
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