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    Spice up your life with squid!

    1st Oct 2015
    Introducing squid as this month’s species of the month! Now, I don’t know about you, but this is one seafood that I don’t have very often. Well, to be honest, I think I’ve only had it once and that was calamari! Yes it was delicious but for some reason I’ve not had it since.
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    Five recipes to celebrate the return of Doctor Who

    18th Sep 2015
    Doctor Who is back on our screens – and it’s time to celebrate! To mark the return of everyone’s favourite Time Lord, we’ve put together some recipe ideas that are perfect for all Doctor Who fans. And the good news is that you won’t need a TARDIS to get the ingredients – they’re all available to buy in the UK, in the 21st century!
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    Meet the winner of the Seafood Week chef recipe competition - 10 years ago

    7th Sep 2015
    Michael Mizzen knows what winning the Seafood Week Chef Recipe Competition can do for business.
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    Strictly Seafood: 10 surprising seafood Strictly facts

    5th Sep 2015
    Daaaarrrrrllllinnnggg - there’s something fishy going on in this year’s Strictly Come Dancing!
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    Oh my Cod – celebrating a UK favourite!

    1st Sep 2015
    Cod is one of the UK’s favourite fish and here at Fish is the Dish towers we are celebrating that fact by having it as of our species of the month throughout September! We have a fantastic selection of cod recipes to try, so take a look and be inspired.
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    Seafood with the Xtra Special Factor!

    28th Aug 2015
    It seems to have come around quickly but believe it or not X Factor is back and will be hitting our screens this weekend!
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    Eating Fish in Pregnancy – We Give You The Lowdown

    27th Aug 2015
    A recent study of 19,000 women in the United States has shown that if they eat healthily before and during pregnancy it may cut the risk of their baby developing a heart problem. We’ve always known that fish is great for expectant mums but this news shows just how important a balanced healthy diet is during pregnancy.
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    Our fish fight against UK diabetes

    19th Aug 2015
    Ten years ago, in 2005, Hurricane Katrine hit New Orleans and much of the Eastern Seaboard of America, Pope John Paul II died and car manufacturer MG Rover went into receivership. On the big screen remakes of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and King Kong were the big block busters and on the small screen X-Factor was only in its second year with Shane Ward winning the title and (surprise, surprise!) held the Christmas number one with 'That's my Goal'. In 2005, the UK had 2.1 million people registered as having diabetes. Ten years later, with more awareness in health than ever before, how many people have diabetes now?
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    Fish facts straight from the sole

    6th Aug 2015
    Now I don’t know much about sole apart from the fact that I always, always, expect lemon sole to taste a little bit lemony!  I know that’s a silly thing but that’s what it makes me think of. So since I clearly need to brush up on my sole facts, I’ve done a little digging on what we have available in the UK.
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    Mission Fishpossible - Eating more fish doesn't need to be Mission: Impossible

    29th Jul 2015
    “Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to eat two fish dishes each week.” Mission: Impossible 5 hits our cinema screens this week and we couldn’t be more excited.
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