Terrific tinned fish

Everyone at Fish is the Dish is caught hook line and sinker on tinned fish. The range has dramatically increased, now you can get everything from mussels and crab right the way through to our trusted favourites of mackerel, sardines and salmon.


Canned seafood is not inferior quality. The fish used in IFC cans are the same fish they use in fillets and others.

Price matters

Canned seafood like mackerel is one of the most economic ways to buy seafood.

Waste not, want not

Canned fish is great as cans vary in size from single portions to easily enough for two. What you don’t use you can cling film and keep in the fridge till the next day.

Full flavours

We’ve come a long way in this last 125 years, from tomato flavour mackerel to teriyaki, the choice on the shelves is huge and there’s more flavours coming to a supermarket near you thanks to our friends at IFC. We love IFC’s recipe for Mackerel Fillets in Teriyaki Sauce with Pak Choi and Chilli.

Fast food

Feeling peckish when the kids have gone to bed or you are just in from the gym? You know the feeling you want something to eat and you want it QUICK! Getting into the habit of buying canned fish means you can quickly satisfy those cravings or hunger pains without reaching for the crisps, sweets or the even the vino.

Date and freshness

You don’t need to worry about having to use your seafood up quickly if it’s in a can. Put it in your basket or trolley, store it in your cupboard and use it when you need to.

Full of goodness

As a natural protein, seafood is packed full of essential nutrients and minerals that healthy bodies need to thrive. From omega-3 to vitamin D, pick up a can and see the nutritional content of your can for yourself .

Round the clock day or night

Whether it’s kedgeree or sardine on toasts for breakfast, salad for lunch and fishcakes for dinner, you can use tinned fish as a tasty dish to eat.

What the Sild?

Have you seen Sild on a can of tinned fish and not known what it was? This is actually a small herring and is hugely popular in Scandinavia countries where children will eat Sild or Sardines canned by IFC before school.

No bones about it

For those of you who have a fear of fish because of the bones, it’s great to know the canning process for mackerel, slid and sardines make the bones disappear. Other products such as salmon are available boneless please check cans for details.

You can make a healthy homemade meal from a can

It’s not just for snacks and wraps. While you might think of canned seafood for a quick snack or a quick addition to a salad or sprinkled on a pizza, canned seafood is great to make into meals too. We love them in fishcakes but our new found favourite, to die for, a recipe from our friends at IFC for Mackerel in tomato sauce bhajis – seriously scrummy.