How to cook seafood

There are so many different ways for you to cook your fish; you could steam it, fry it, grill it, microwave it, roast it, poach it, bake it, sautée it and many more.

Here are some tips on these various methods - from how to cook fish to how you can make sure that it is cooked correctly.


Microwaves are fantastic for cooking fish quickly, you can poach a salmon fillet in under 3 mins so it’s fast food that is good for you.

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Pan or stir fry

Shallow frying makes for fabulous flavours and moist flesh. You won’t need very much oil and, by dusting the fish with seasoned flour, you’ll keep the absorption of oil to a minimum.

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Oven baked

Bunging something in the oven is always so satisfying. Whether it’s a homemade fish pie or something you have picked up that’s already prepared.

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Many recipes for fish, smoked fish in particular, call for the fish to be poached; some of you will be saying what the hake is this?

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We know lots of people who are fans of steaming their seafood. Steaming will seal in moisture, keeping the fish tender and locking in more vitamins and minerals too.

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When it comes to feeding the nation, we’ve got some serious seafood experts both in seafood companies and from our friendly retailers.

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