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Knowing where to start when it comes to buying, cooking or even storing seafood can be daunting but our handy 'how to' guides are a great place to start to put your mind at rest - cooking and eating seafood couldn't be simpler!


We have lots of top tips about buying seafood from picking up oven-ready fish cakes, fish fingers and scampi to helping you learn more about buying different types of seafood.

How to buy


We love our freezers at Fish is the Dish, whether it’s to allow us to buy in bulk or store up a batch of fish fingers, we think our kitchen freezer is our reliable friend.

How to store


Here are some helpful tips to use while you prepare your fish for cooking - for example, how to keep your hands fishy free, or how to avoid odours being left behind in your home.

How to prepare


We’re great advocates of meal planning. It saves time, money and hassle AND it also cuts down on your food waste. Planning a whole week’s worth of meals is a great way to get yourself organised.

How to plan


Fish is best when accompanied by the right flavourings, sauces, side dishes and so on. Here's some help on what will compliment your dish to make it extra tasty.

How to serve


There are so many different ways for you to cook your fish. Here are some tips on these various methods.

How to cook

Where to buy

Want to know where you can buy some tasty fish for your dinner tonight, find your nearest seafood restaurant or attend one of the UK’s top seafood festivals?

Then use our handy map to find out what's on offer. Just put in your postcode, or a postcode you will be visiting, and click the button to find out what's on offer in that area.

Where to buy