Fish is the Dish

Superfishoil Omega-3 Ambassadors

We’ve teamed up with a range of experts to help champion the omega-3 superfishoil message. Read why omega-3 is so important from our resident nutritionist Juliette Kellow and other #superfishoil ambassadors. The message is simple and clear for everyone of all ages, eat more fish and enjoy the benefits of omega-3, the #superfishoil

Juliette Kellow, registered dietitian, nutrition consultant and journalist


“Research shows that not enough people are aware that they should be eating at least two portions of seafood per week, with one oily portion, and that this could come from a vast array of species including mackerel and sardines, to name but a few. Shellfish like crab and prawns are also good sources. 

"The high omega-3 content that many fish carry has been linked to various health benefits, including helping the heart to work normally, maintaining normal blood pressure and blood triglyceride levels (a type of blood fat), contributing to normal brain development and being important for our eyesight and brain function. I’d encourage people to incorporate more oil-rich fish and seafood into their diet, it’s nutritious, versatile and affordable – perfect for everyone.”

Vicki Litherland, HRUK Lifestyle Officer and Nutritionist


“Coronary Heart Disease is the UK’s biggest killer but shockingly 80% of cases could be prevented through healthier lifestyles. What we eat impacts not only on the way we look and feel on the outside, but what’s happening inside our bodies too. 

“Healthy lifestyle choices can help to promote healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels and reduce risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and a host of other long-term conditions. 

“A diet including Omega-3 rich seafood, combined with being active and not smoking, is a great way to look after your heart and have a healthier, happier and longer life.”

Sally Bee For Seafish Campaign


TV cook Sally Bee, an ambassador for national charity Heart Research UK, is supporting the Seafish campaign during National Heart Month to get more people to eat omega-3-rich fish as part of their diet.

Sally, who appears every week on the Lorraine ITV daytime programme, had three heart attacks over 10 years ago and attributes her survival to good general health, and living a healthy lifestyle – something that she encourages through her TV appearances and cookery books.

Sally said: "Fish is always at the top of my healthy eating shopping list, as the omega 3 oils are precious, nutritious and so beneficial to good heart health. Add this to the fact that fish is easy and quick to cook and low fat - it makes a perfect family dish.”

Adrian Purtell, Bradford Bulls captain and Heart Research UK ambassador


“I’m Adrian Purtell and I’m captain of Bradford Bulls Rugby League team and I had a heart attack, aged 27, in May 2012 after playing a match in the Magic Weekend game against Leeds. Thankfully the speed of the Bulls medics and the hospital doctors – and the fact that I was a fit athlete – helped to prevent major damage to my heart.

After a year of recuperation, and close monitoring by cardiologists in Leeds and London, I was cleared fit to play again and resumed my career in an emotional return against Hull Kingston Rovers on 17 March 2013.

The whole episode obviously shook me and I was at my lowest when I didn’t know whether I would ever again play the sport I loved. I didn’t think my lifestyle was unhealthy, on the contrary, as a fit athlete with all the physical training and healthy eating regime which we have to follow I never thought such a thing could happen to me.

Since then I have looked more closely at my diet and one of the things I am aware of is to eat more fish – particularly Omega 3-rich oily fish which I have at least once a week. It was recommended by my cardiologist to include this in my diet and I have made sure that it features in my meal plans.

I’m now an ambassador for Heart Research UK, and I hope by sharing my experiences I can help others to think about their lifestyle choices and ensure that they are eating a healthy diet and getting enough exercise so that they can live healthier, happier and longer lives.”

Prof. GE Rainger, Professor of Chronic Inflammation, Institute of Cardiovascular Science (ICVS), University of Birmingham

“Eating oily fish is good for your cardiovascular health. There is strong evidence that eating fish twice a week over the long term provides protection against heart attack and stroke, although greater benefits are indicated with the consumption up to five meals containing fish a week.

“The benefits of fish oil in preventing so called secondary events in patients who have already had a heart attack or stroke is less certain, and more evidence is required before we can draw firm conclusions about benefits in secondary prevention.”