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We know as teachers you are there to support our children in their learning, as part of that, you are always looking for new ways to teach the children. We have taken away some of this pain, you don't have to spend all your spare time preparing for classes, this pack gives you step by step lesson plans tied to the National Curriculum from five years of age. We've worked with the British Nutrition Foundation to ensure the lessons have been created to be as much fun and engaging for the children as well as you. 

Lessons can be run as a programme of six classes taking you through the journey of fish as food for children or you can select individual lessons to support learning throughout the year, for example, cooking in the classroom as part of the new curriculum. These cross-curricular lessons and resources are designed to engage children with fish as food, the different types of fish, fish dishes and the health benefits of eating fish.

Key activities include making simple, tasty fish dishes such as Tropical prawn rice and tasting different fish. The pack also helps support the new curriculum helping to put cooking back on the menu at schools. The recipes are both cook and non cook and therefore don't all require a working kitchen to prepare the dishes, they can be done in the classroom environment.

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The pack has a teacher's guide containing fully constructed lessons for you to share with your class.

Additional support materials such as videos of children making some fish dishes, recipes and games are available - just explore our fantastic Education section to find out more!