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Introduce young children to seafood with stories, games and more, plus useful information for parents.

The materials in this section were developed for the Early Years Foundation stage based on the English curriculum but they can be used throughout the UK at home as well as in schools.

They are aimed at (but not limited to) 3–5 year old children and the materials are all downloadable for you to use as and when you need them.

You can use the info for to educate your children on the benefits of seafood and to make them more aware of the different kinds of fish, but most of can use it to have some fun!

Healthy eating

Children need a wide range of nutritious foods in their diet. The Eatwell Plate, helps young people to easily understand the amounts of each different food group that make up a healthy diet.

There are games and exercises, too – including a Fish is the Dish board game and cards. These colourful resources help children explore the food groups in everyday fish dishes and cleverly combine fascinating information with a huge helping of fun.

Playing with food

Playing the Fish is the Dish games helps children to appreciate all the different dishes that can be made with fish. It also shows them the right balance of fish, starchy foods and vegetables that make a healthy meal.

Again, the Eatwell Plate, shows the types of food we all need to stay healthy and helps children think about why each food group is shown at a different size on the plate.

Fish dishes

Moving on to the fish dishes, you can get the children to identify which part of the meal is 'fish' and which parts are either starchy foods or fruit and vegetables.

Then the fun starts as the children take turns to roll the die, each time hoping they'll get an even number to allow them to put an ingredient on their fish dish board. Everyone wants to be first to complete their board and win the game.

Fishy activites

Check out these fun activities that you can do at home with your kids.

View them online or print them off - or both!

Board game

The Fish is the Dish fun board game has been designed to encourage children's understanding of seafood and its many healthy-living benefits.

It would make an ideal Golden Time activity for small groups or part of a nurture group activity to encourage less confident children to become involved.

To play the board game...

Download these items:

Then, you're ready to go!

TIP - laminate the game board to make it last longer so you can play it more times!