Board game

The Fish is the Dish fun board game has been designed to encourage children's understanding of seafood and its many healthy-living benefits.It would make an ideal Golden Time activity for small groups or part of a nurture group activity to encourage less confident children to become involved.

To play, download these items:

Then, you're ready to go!

Fishy activites

Check out all of these fun fishy activities that you can download or print for your kids to do at home:

Seafish Snap

Make 2 copies of these and cut out to and play snap or pairs to help children become more familiar with these seafish.


Board game and cards

Explore food groups in fish dishes with a huge helping of fun. Download:

Wall chart

The aim of the wall chart is to get children to show when they have eaten fish and to track their two portions of fish that they are recommended to eat each week.


Fish sorting

Cut out the six seafish images and stick them on this seafish sorting scene where they like to live.


Fabulous fish dishes poster

Use this poster to discuss your favourite fish dishes, what you've tried and what fish your kids know.