Cooking with kids

There are lots of fun, tasty and easy recipes that you can make with kids. 

Whether it's fancy fish fingers, marvellous mackerel pâté or crunchy haddock burgers, there are lots to make and lots to eat.

There is a mix of online recipes, downloads, videos and even some PowerPoint recipes with step by step instructions to follow.

Explore the recipes below to and see what tickles your taste buds. There are even more recipes available over in our 'Great for kids' recipes area.

Sticky Sea Bass with Cous Cous Salad

This sticky honey and soy topped sea bass is superbly simple and simply superb!

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Smoked Mackerel Wraps

Simple but super tasty smoked mackerel wraps - no cooking required!

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Smoked Mackerel Fish Cakes

This fish cake recipe is so simple you don't even have to cook the fish!

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Smoked Haddock and Spinach Frittata

Cook up a taste of Italy with this smoked haddock frittata

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Scrunched Topped Prawns

These prawns with a creamy sauce and a scrunchy crunchy topping are delicious

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Roasted Sea Bass

This zesty sea bass is great for kids and adults alike

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Crunchy Plaice Flat Fingers

You'll be licking your fingers clean after cooking up these tasty plaice fish fingers.

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Crunchy Haddock Burgers

A healthy option to your usual meat burgers - you'll never look back!

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Crab and Lettuce Boats

With no cooking required for this recipe you will sail your way into tasty crab heaven.

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Cod and Vegetables Parcels

Unwrap these tasty parcels in just 30 minutes.

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Apple-y Mussels

Tuck into a big bowl of mussels in under 30 minutes.

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Mussel Linguine in Tomato Sauce

A really easy dish that looks impressive - it tastes impressive too

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Curried Crab and Rice Mountains

This easy peasy recipe will reach the top of your taste buds.

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Puffy Cod Parcels

Cook up this recipe and you'll get to open some tasty parcels!

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