Silent Film

Captain Catch’s Silent Film Festival

Educating primary school pupils from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales on important seafood industry topics.

What is Captain Catch’s Silent Film Festival?

‘Captain Catch’s Silent Film Festival’ has engaged five classes of primary school pupils from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales to educate them on important seafood industry topics.

This series of five silent films focuses on a range topics including safety at sea, seafood sustainability and the health benefits of eating fish. From the conception of ideas, to storyboarding and acting, the children have created a set of must-see short silent films to entertain and inform viewers.

This project was funded by the Seafish Strategic Investment Fund and delivered by Beard Askew.

Captain Catch Silent Film

How do the children and teachers benefit from the project?

The silent film workshops are designed enable pupils to enrich their curriculum and wider learning, whilst engaging with the seafood industry in a completely new and hands-on way.

Each school class was given a particular seafood related topic to explore, and with the help of industry experts, asked to research the topic over the workshop and filming day. Through exploring these topics, the students gained an understanding of how the fishing industry fits into a wider context, exploring the concept of fish beyond just eating it in their home, but also questioning how key issues in the industry may affect them.

On top of educating the students on seafood, the workshops provided real insight into professional filmmaking practices; from story creation, storyboarding, prop making and silent film acting techniques to hands on camera experience, all under the watchful eye of the Beard Askew Education team.

Each workshop engaged a class of 30 creative young filmmakers, who were put through their paces, balancing their imagination, film ambitions and visual flair with creating a story that was clear, concise, filled with action, suspense, humour, intriguing characters, memorable moments and adventure!

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