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    Heather Middleton

    Heather Middleton

    Heather Middleton

    *Waving enthusiastically* As well as the social media work and managing all our digital work, I get involved in everything and anything to do with Fish is the Dish, whether that’s creating delicious new recipes for you to try, working with partners or publishing lovely materials for fishmongers and the trade. 

    I’m behind lots of things, the list is huge and it’s thanks to eating lots of amazing seafood that I have the energy and stamina to keep doing more! x 

    I'm on - get in touch with me for for help with:

    • Marketing opportunities
    • Partnership opportunities
    • Recipe Development
    • The Fish is the Dish website
    • Our Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest feeds
    • Fish is the Dish materials for shops and shows
    • All other enquiries - literally everything and anything!


    Briana Marsh

    Briana Marsh

    Briana Marsh

    I look after the Educational work for Fish is the Dish, and we develop and distribute educational materials for schools to teach children of all ages the benefits of having lots of lovely seafood in their diets. If you’re a teacher or a parent, and you haven’t received a pack, or want to know more, get in touch.

    We also advise fishmongers, fishermen and other people in the industry who go into schools or do community education projects. If you would like to do something like this, please get in touch!

    I’m also a bit of foodie, and I’ve been exploring the various cuisines around the world and how they eat seafood. You can catch up with my adventures in cooking in Bri’s Kitchen. Get in touch if you’d like us to do a guest blog, or any suggestions for me to try! Get in touch at


    Andy Gray

    Andy Gray

    Andy Gray

    Living, breathing and eating fish! With an academic background in fisheries science, during my nearly 15 years at Seafish my focus has been on the promotion and marketing of fish and shellfish, working with trade partners across the retail and foodservice sectors – while all the time encouraging consumers to make the most of the ocean’s bounty and enjoy the fantastic array of seafood that is available here in the UK.

    The thought of fish and shellfish fills much of my waking hours! Being involved in running the annual National Fish & Chip Awards, I’m also partial to the odd fish supper – and when not marketing or promoting seafood, in my spare time I also like to get out on the water to catch a little fish or three!

    I'm on - get in touch with me for for help with:

    • Marketing and promotional opportunities in the retail and foodservice sectors
    • The world of fish and chips
    • Seafood in the college education sector
    • General seafood and industry-related enquiries


    For any media enquiries

    Please contact our Media Marvel, Denise Fraser she doesn't wear a superhero suit that we know of but she should do! Contact Denise on 


    Our Project ‘Parents’

    Fish is the Dish is a project designed to get more people eating more seafood more often. 

    We’re part of Seafish, a non-departmental government body which provides a wide range of services to the fishing industry including training, legislation, boat surveying and sea/ocean mapping. 

    If you have a query that we don’t know the answer to we’ll work with our wonderful expert colleagues at Seafish to get you the answer!

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    If you are a food writer, journalist or blogger and and want to get in touch please contact

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