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    Heather Middleton

    Heather Middleton

    Heading up Fish is the Dish, I set up and manage consumer campaigns that encourage more people, to eat more fish, more often. 

    I'm on - get in touch with me for:

    • Seafood Week
    • Consumer Campaigns
    • Marketing opportunities - no advertising requests please
    • Brand partnership opportunities
    • Creative ideas





    Dawn Sneddon

    I’m the Communications and Marketing Digital Executive.

    Get in touch with me if you need help with or information about:

    • Seafish Website
    • Fish is the Dish website
    • General Enquiries
    • Social Media for FITD

    Get in touch at



    Andy Gray

    Andy Gray

    I live, eat, breathe and work in fish!

    I'm on - get in touch with me for for help with:

    • retail and foodservice sectors
    • fish and chips
    • college education sector
    • general seafood and industry-related enquiries


    For any media enquiries

    Please contact our Media Marvel, Denise Fraser she doesn't wear a superhero suit that we know of but she should do! Contact Denise on 


    Our Project ‘Parents’

    Fish is the Dish is a project designed to get more people, eating more fish, more often. 

    We’re part of Seafish, a non-departmental government body which provides a wide range of services to the fishing industry including training, legislation, boat surveying and sea/ocean mapping. 

    If you have a query that we don’t know the answer to, we’ll work with our wonderful expert colleagues at Seafish to get you the answer!

    Keep in touch

    If you are a food writer, journalist or blogger and and want to get in touch please contact

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