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Cooking Brown Crab with Emily Watkins

Emily Watkins, from the Great British Menu (GBM) shares some brown crab recipes and top tips!

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Enjoy seafood in the sun!

We've got some great ideas for how to include seafood snacks in your al fresco feast!

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Perfect Prawns!

Prawns are our Seafood of the Month! Click below to discover our extensive range of delicious prawn recipes...

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Fish and weight

Low in calories and packed with protein, fish is your friend if you want to boost your health this summer.

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Tips on how to buy, prepare and cook fish | Fish is the Dish -

Not sure how to start cooking fish, have a look at...

Fri Jul 31 20:00

Smoked Haddock Rarebit -

Smoked Haddock Rarebit is a hearty family feast us...

Fri Jul 31 16:15


Find out why we're Kipper-crazy at FITD towers http://t.co/hgsnZVTs28 http://t.co/QjfF7JHGkL

Fri Jul 31 20:03

Firm seafood like Monkfish and Squid are great for adding to stir fries http://t.co/Mv9eVOCNua http://t.co/MBhhoovDA0

Fri Jul 31 19:31

The Arbroath Smokie is a delicious part of Scottish seafood history, find out more here: http://t.co/cURaoZrL9b http://t.co/RJRZT1GE93

Fri Jul 31 19:03

Nutritious, classic, and perfect for any time of day: Kedgeree! http://t.co/cOxj3lThtE http://t.co/5zpCitzRYs

Fri Jul 31 18:32


Mission Fishpossible - Eating more fish doesn't need to be Mission: Impossible

Kieran Westbrook | Kitchen talk

Wed Jul 29 13:10

Jose Souto – Flying the Flag for Fish is the Dish!

Seafish | Kitchen talk

Wed Jul 22 8:57


Dawn Sneddon | Kitchen talk

Fri Jul 17 8:57

Smoke on the Water – The Wonder of Smoked Seafood!

Andy Gray | Kitchen talk

Fri Jul 17 8:57

Getting up close and personal with local seafood!

Briana Marsh | Kitchen talk

Fri Jul 10 7:00