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Cooking Brown Crab with Emily Watkins

Emily Watkins, from the Great British Menu (GBM) shares some brown crab recipes and top tips!

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Enjoy seafood in the sun!

We've got some great ideas for how to include seafood snacks in your al fresco feast!

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Fab Crab!

Brown Crab is our Seafood of the Month! Click below to discover our extensive range of delicious brown crab recipes...

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Fish and weight

Low in calories and packed with protein, fish is your friend if your new year's resolution is to eat more healthily.

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Lobster Club Sandwich -

It's the 4th of July so it's Independence Day for ...

Sat Jul 4 18:22

Have a 4th of July Seafood Feast! -

In America, the 4th of July means many things; ind...

Sat Jul 4 15:26


Creamy Crab Linguine is delicious and just a little bit indulgent http://t.co/udje2A6VtV http://t.co/dwQgIxNxtc

Sat Jul 4 21:31

These Mackerel Fillets in Teryaki Sauce will be hard to share.. they are delicious! http://t.co/PAdlNlUqhy http://t.co/uoswwUwnFx

Sat Jul 4 20:31

Squid on a skewer- simple, quick, delicious, and filled with #superfishoil http://t.co/YrYIxvDG9Q http://t.co/wIlOWfuQ3P

Sat Jul 4 20:02

Try our Mackerel & an Asian style Salad http://t.co/i8E7Axpawh http://t.co/98sf9qOGPI

Sat Jul 4 19:31


Have a 4th of July Seafood Feast!

Victoria Shepherd | Blog

Fri Jul 3 8:34

Cooking Brown Crab with Emily Watkins

Heather Middleton | Blog

Fri Jun 26 8:49

Motorway Monger

Dawn Sneddon | Blog

Fri Jun 19 7:00

Grab some fab brown crab this summer!

Heather Middleton | Blog

Thu Jun 18 9:34

Seafood in the sun! Perfect picnic ideas

Victoria Shepherd | Blog

Wed Jun 17 8:34