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Grilled sea bream with rosemary -

Counting calories this week? White fish is a great...

Mon Mar 27 16:20

Avocado and King Prawn Sandwich -

De'bait'ing what to have for lunch? Give our fish ...

Mon Mar 27 12:15

Timeline Photos -

Our family friendly recipes are perfect for gettin...

Sun Mar 26 11:45

Breakfast Smoked haddock -

Happy Mother's Day! Spoil your Mum with some scrum...

Sun Mar 26 10:00

Bothy oysters -

We are love-fin the Scottish twist on these Oyster...

Sat Mar 25 14:20


Did you know that there are over 100 different species of seafood which we can eat in the UK? #factoftheday… https://t.co/YEFIhtaUox

Mon Mar 27 15:40

This seafood pasta is a perfect dinner for all the family to enjoy - yuuum! #my2aweek https://t.co/5DKNWmbXdD https://t.co/fYqWcKrnQK

Mon Mar 27 15:01

Omega-3 can fuel your afternoon workout - here's how! #my2aweek #mondayworkout https://t.co/jL3Xd1xEaj https://t.co/pkZovivrd9

Mon Mar 27 13:10

#TopTip: the best place to thaw your seafood is overnight in the fridge! #my2aweek https://t.co/HuS8NBOjsW https://t.co/KdH7S24xMt

Mon Mar 27 12:01


Mother’s Day: Marine style

Becci Suiter | Kitchen talk

Wed Mar 22 9:00

Bring in the Spring!

Becci Suiter | Kitchen talk

Mon Mar 20 9:00

St Patrick's Day

Becci Suiter | Kitchen talk

Wed Mar 15 9:00

Holi: Spring into colour!

Becci Suiter | Kitchen talk

Sun Mar 12 9:00

It's National Crab Day!

Becci Suiter | Kitchen talk

Thu Mar 9 9:00