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BBQ Brilliance

Bring on the sunshine! Seafood is spectacular when cooked outside on the barbecue and we've got recipes to inspire you!

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Win a luxury BBQ!

For National BBQ Week we're giving away a fantastic BBQ in our new competition, perfect for grilling up some scrumptious seafood on!

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Great for kids

Get children loving fish at an early age with our kid-friendly seafood recipes!

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Fish and weight

Low in calories and packed with protein, fish is your friend if your new year's resolution is to eat more healthily.

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Fish and Weight -

Registered dietician and nutritionist Juliette Kel...

Sun May 24 19:30

Pea and Crab Risotto with Lemon and Basil -

We love a risotto at Fish is the Dish and this lig...

Sun May 24 15:20


Cod, pesto and some veggies combine in foil for an easy to make and clean up dinner! http://t.co/V9U2V9mT7I http://t.co/W5kpo9GdGs

Sun May 24 22:30

Transport yourself with our smoked Haddock cooked with coconut milk and Thai-style herbs http://t.co/3RJS5Bd1fb http://t.co/9RMXx880d4

Sun May 24 22:01

A simple Monkfish Kebab will really highlight the flavour of this delicious fish http://t.co/LpQNYHJ950 http://t.co/qDG2GTz4j7

Sun May 24 21:30

Make the break from standard mince & get yourself some #superfishoil with a CODtastic burger! http://t.co/jykWCbY7yf http://t.co/JAPR8RHSKo

Sun May 24 21:01


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Fri May 22 6:25

Seafood Week: 125 Days to go!

Heather Middleton | Blog

Tue May 12 14:00

A right royal diet for Kate and the new baby!

Juliette Kellow | Blog

Sat May 2 6:25

It's Easy to Eat More Fish!

Heather Middleton | Blog

Thu Apr 30 9:20

MARVEL-lous Superhero Seafood!

Heather Middleton | Blog

Mon Apr 20 6:25